Interior Architectures (EN, FR)

Interior Architectures (EN, FR)

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«Inside Architectures» combines new scenes inspired by two previous films, «Strolling Under... mehr
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«Inside Architectures» combines new scenes inspired by two previous films, «Strolling Under the skin», and «The Skin Excursion».
Drawing on High Definition new sequences filmed during surgical procedures using endoscopy, the movie sets out to show that the internal architecture of the body appears to be an ideal network made up of fibres, fibrils and microfibrils, and microvacuolar spaces which are more or less cellularised.
This can be demonstrated at all degrees of magnification, from the mesosphere to the microsphere.
Therefore, form can be described and interpreted as a global system...

Get a unique view of the fascia in a living body! We have long been enthused about the pioneering work of Dr. Guimberteau, with the first video of fascia at work inside the body. In this new DVD, Dr. Guimberteau has a new HD camera, with images that are sharper, more detailed, stunningly beautiful, and absolutely work-changing. This DVD couples well with 'Muscle Attitudes', which emphasizes the myofascia - so these will be the two Guimberteau DVDs we will be carrying.






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