Fascia Academy I (EN)

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This DVD contains 11 video presentations and 3 audio lectures, which were recorded at the... mehr
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This DVD contains 11 video presentations and 3 audio lectures, which were recorded at the 'Fascia Research Course' at Ulm University in 2010.

14 Lectures by 12 International Experts:

Video Lectures Robert Schleip Ph.D., Germany Overview of Fascia Research - 76 min. Helene M. Langevin MD, USA New Insights into Chronic Low Back Pain - 30 min. Serge Gracovetsky PhD, Canada Bipedalism versus Human Gait - 7 min. excerpt Thomas W. Myers, USA Anatomy Trains and Fascia: New Evidence from Dissection - 30 min. Jean-Claude Guimberteau MD, France Architecture of the Superficial Fasciae - 12 min. Thomas W. Findley MD PhD, USA Research Project Design - 63 min. Andry Vleeming PhD, Belgium Dynamic Stability of the Spine and Pelvis - 37 min. Adjo Zorn PhD, Germany Swingwalking. Moving with Fascia - 29 min. Hanno Steinke MD, Germany New Insights into Fascial Anatomy - 22 min. Werner Klinger MD, Germany Temperature Effects on Fascia - 30 min. Daniele-Claude Martin PhD,Germany Living Biotensegrity - 43 min. Audio Lectures Thomas Findley MD PhD, USA What Do We Know About Fascia Today? A Review of the 1st and 2nd International Fascia Research Congress - 71 min. Carla Stecco MD, Italy Anatomy of the Human Fasciae - 44 min. Innervation of Human Fasciae - 39 min.

Please Note: The files on these disks are mp4 and mp3 files configured to play on a computer and not on a conventual DVD Player

This is an outstanding collection of presentations from some of the world's experts on fascia and connective tissue therapies. There is nothing like having a pool of experts to teach you all about these subjects and each one brings a unique perspective on this fascinating and timely topic. As our understanding of the critical importance of fascia continues to expand, this collection becomes an invaluable resource for every clinical practitioner. It is an essential tool for your clinical library (Whitney Lowe, Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute)

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